Ali Macleod

Ali first got into bikepacking after riding the Trans-America Trail route in 2019. He has since continued touring, completed the Transcontinental Race, and now writes about his adventures.

Written by Ali Macleod


Five Minutes With...Alex McCormack

With a new course record of 3D 5H 30M, Alex McCormack was the winner of the 2024 Highland Trail 550. We heard about his experiences from the race.

Jun 7th 2024

Five Minutes with Lintang Flores

With the Indonesian Audax scene growing quickly, there are a few new races popping up including Lintang Flores. Ali Macleod spoke to the organisers behind the event, and gets insights from the winners: Citra Sarawasti and Boru Mccullagh.

Apr 5th 2024

Dales Divide Preview with Ali Macleod

Ali is a bikepacking aficionado and ultra-racing veteran. With plenty of races under his belt, he's shared his preview of the Dales Divide. After completing the treacherous 2021 Edition where a storm blew most riders off the fell, Ali definitely has some stories to share.

Mar 27th 2024

Race Reports

Tour Divide 2024

Running from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells on the US-Mexican border, the Tour Divide is for many the halo event of Bikepack Ultraracing. There are both Southbound and Northbound riders racing self-supported along the ACA's Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, always with a few weather re-routes to spice it up.

Feb 12th 2024

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