Bikes of Race Around The Netherlands 2020

Bikes of Race Around The Netherlands 2020

19 August, 2020

Racing in the Netherlands comes with two caveats: it'll be flat and it'll be windy. With many other races forcing riders into the mountains, RATN is unique in its low elevation. As riders make their way to Amerongen, we zoom in on their setups.

Paul Hesen

Age: 46

Location: Helmond, The Netherlands

Cap number: 27

Your bike: I'm riding a 3T Exploro Speed with a 2x Shimano GRX groupset. I'm using a SON hub dynamo to power front light, back light and Cycle2Charge USB charger.

Your key items of kit: I use the waterproof Apidura Expedition packs to carry my stuff. I'll take a Bivy bag, sleeping mat and sleeping bag to sleep under the sky. I'm using a Garmin Edge 1030 for navigation.

Werner Finger

Age: 38

Location: Graz, Austria

Cap number: 22 (pair with Christian Leitner)

Your bike: 2018 Canyon Endurace CF SL Disc with Reynolds AR41 - 28mm Continental GP5000 and Schwalbe innertubes, Stages Dual PM, Ultegra DI2 Groupset, Profile Design TT Bars, Fizik Aliante R3 Saddle, Catey Volt800 and WearableX Lighting.

Your key items of kit: I'll be wearing my Assos t.equipe S9 Bibs because they are the most advanced and comfortable Bibs out there ;) RH77 Jerseys, Rapha Rainjacket and Shimano RC9 Shoes on a Speedplay Pedal System. Gear packed into the all brilliant Tailfin Aeropack and Rack System. For navigation i'll stick to a Garmin Edge 820 and a Galaxy S10 as backup device. Fuel on the bike will be mostly SIS Beta Fuel and SIS Go Energy Bars and the rest from stores and gas stations en route.

Christian Leitner

Age: 35

Location: Graz, Austria

Cap number: 19 (pair with Werner Finger)

Your bike: Kuota Kharma with Mavic Cosmic Rims and 25mm Continental GP5000 and Schwalbe innertubes, Garmin Vector 3 PM, Ultegra Groupset, Profile Design TT Bars, Specialized Power ARC Saddle, Catey Volt800 and WearableX Lighting.

Your key items of kit: I'll be wearing my Castelli Competizione Bibs, RH77 Jerseys, Rainjacket and Mavic Krysium Elite Shoes on a Look Pedal System. Gear packed into a Topeak Backloader Saddlebag and a Toptube Bag. For navigation i'll use a Garmin Edge 820 and a Galaxy Smartphone as backup device. Fuel on the bike will be mostly SIS Beta Fuel and SIS Go Energy Bars and the rest from stores and gas stations en route.

Martijn Driedonks

Age: 37

Location: Valkenswaard, The Netherlands

Cap number: 115

Your bike: Ridley Fenix SL, Dura Ace 9000 (53-39/11-28) with carbon Cirrus Pro wheels and DT Swiss 350 straightpull hubs. I'm using 28mm Pirelli P Zero Velo tyres.

Your key items of kit: My Garmin Edge 1000 and my Garmin Edge 530 for back up! I am using the Tailfin Rigid X seatpack (20L) along with a Topeak Toploader. My lights are Piko3 front light, Lezyne Mini Drive 400 and two Lezyne Femto Driver backlights.

My motto is "don't stop when you're tired, stop when you're done."

Meindert Commelin

Age: 28

Location: Hilversum, The Netherlands

Cap number: 116

Your bike: A Mange Point AR with 2 x 11 shimano 105. I choose for tubeless Conti 5000 28mm tyres and run a SP dynamo for my front and rear lights. I added adjusted aerobars to maintain a fats and relaxed position for a long time.

Your key items of kit: A Topeak saddle bag carrying my sleeping gear and spare clothing. The framebag and gastank are DIY. I plan to sleep outside as much as possible, and take with me a sleeping bag and Alpkit Rag 3.5 Tarp if the weather is less dry. For navigation I use a Garmin Etrex 30, combined with the OSM and app for finding stores etc.

Jasmijn Muller

Age: 41

Location: London, UK

Cap number: 2

Your bike: I am riding a custom geometry J.Laverack J.ACK with Di2 and disc brakes. My Aera carbon wheels are set up tubeless with Continental GP5000TL 28mm tyres giving a good balance between fast rolling, comfort and puncture protection on the Dutch bike paths. The front rim is 36mm, the rear 56mm. The front has a Son Schmidt dynamo hub powering my Supernova E3 triple front light and Son Schmidt rear light. I am running an Exposure Toro as a back-up front light and Cateye RapidX3 as back-up rear light. My bike is covered in The Beam reflective wheel flash stickers for 360- degree visibility at night.

Your key items of kit: I'll be wearing my Loffi gloves to give out happy smiley waves and remind myself of the power of positivity. My body will be powered by Rawvelo sports nutrition. My gadgets will be powered from the dynamo (using a Sinewave Revolution USB charger) backed up with a 10,000 mAh powerpack that charges in 3 hours. I'll rely on my Wahoo ROAM for navigation, with a Wahoo Elemnt as a back-up.

Other important kit: If this summer weather stays, I will be wearing my Le Col Air jersey. If the forecast is for cooler temperatures and more typical Dutch rain, I will settle for my Le Col Aqua Zero jersey. For a comfortable ride and convenient pee stops, I'll be wearing my Endura Pro SL bibshorts. I also have a Gore Shakedry jacket packed for the rain and a Cumulus Inverse super lightweight down jacket as well as the Albion Burner for some extra protection at night. My sleeping kit consists of my Outdoor Research Stargazer bivvy bag, Cumulus XL-200 sleeping bag, Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Uberlite Small mat and Sea to Summit Aeros Premium pillow. I may end of sleeping in hotels if the weather is really bad. Everything is stowed away in lightweight and waterproof Apidura Racing packs (5L handlebar pack, 7L seat pack, 4L frame pack and an exciting new full-length top tube pack). I also use an Apidura food pouch from the Backcountry series for easy on-bike snacking and/or to stow additional water.

Paul Herron

Age: 41

Location: Durham, UK

Cap number: 147

Your bike: Genesis Equilibrium 30, Aptonia aerobars and Rose R-Thirty wheels with Shimano DH-UR705 Dynamo hub. 28mm Tubeless GP5000 Tyres. Baggage consists of Alpkit Koala seatpack and Analoko framebag. Bontrager Adventure top-tube bag. And an Apidura Backcountry food pouch up front for easy access to the massive amounts of food I plan on eating.

Your key items of kit: Bivvy bag, mat, sleeping bag and a Galibier padded gilet will be my home for the journey.

Eline van Straalen

Age: 40

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cap number: 3

Your bike: This is my first ultra-endurance race and I'll be riding my Canyon Endurace WMN AL Disc 8.0. Bought it in June last year and have ridden 12,000km on it since. I'll be running 650b wheels (because those are standard on the Endurace 2XS frame size) and Schwalbe One Pro TLE 650x28C tires. Added Profile Design Sonic Ergo 50a aerobars with 70mm risers for extra comfort. My saddle is a Specialized Power Pro Mimic. Using the Tailfin AeroPack X Rigid Seat Pack for main storage and an Apidura Top Tube and Apidura Handlebar Racing Pack for easy access storage (mostly for food and rain jacket). I have a Revelate Designs Feedbag for all the Haribo.

Your key items of kit: The weather forecast looks pretty wet so I've abandoned my original bivvy plans and instead will ride light and stay in hotels and other accommodation options. Might bring my ultralight Yeti Fever Zero sleeping bag for emergencies. Will be rocking my INFMS cycling club jersey will bring the Gore Shakedry for all the downpours and the Patagonia Micro Puff to keep me toastie. Still on the fence about 1 pair of bibs or 2. Decided to bail on proper overshoes and will bring two pairs of Velotoze instead. Will try not to tear them on day 1! My Wahoo ELEMNT will show me the way and I have usb Lezyne front and rear lights for the night. And lots of Chamois Cream.

Bram Jordens

Age: 42

Location: Scherpenheuvel, Belgium

Cap number: 25

Your bike: I'm riding a Cube agree SL. A pure racer in carbon and Shimano Ultegra group. It's equipped with a aerobar so I can split the famous Dutch coastal (head)wind. I'll be running Continental Grand Prix tires so I can trust the grip in both rain and dry Dutch pavers. DT Swiss rims to top it off.

Your key items of kit: I will be wearing a comfortable jersey and bibshort that have already proven their quality during my long workouts. I chose TOPEAK for my bags. I'm planning to sleep wherever I lay my head down. So I have a basic sleeping bag with bivvybag and a thin mattress. Garmin edge will take me on the journey and I have a backup navigation on my smartphone. Maybe I'll take an oldskool paper map with me in case of mayor electronic failure.

Richard de Boer

Age: 54

Location: Laren, The Netherlands

Cap number: 124

Your bike: Cube Attain with carbon frame and 28mm tires to give me as much as possible comfort. Shimano 105 groupset. BBB1500 battery light front and Glowworm Alpha 1200 helmet light as spare. Etrex 20 GPS with anti-glare foil. Smartphone on SP-mount as backup. Battery pack and charger in running vest. (As well as tracker.) Normal racing clothes with rainlegs and paclite rain jacket. Light down jacket to add warmth in the night and if I have to quit.

Your key items of kit: Goretex bivvy with inflatable mattress and very light sleeping bag (and mosquito net around my head). This below the tri-bar. Serious rain = hotel 😄 Apidura frame bag, Decathlon food puch, AGU frame bag.

Johan Barelds

Age: 54

Location: The Hague, The Netherlands

Cap number: 106

Your bike: I will be riding my trusty Genesis Croix-de-Fer Titanium with DT-SWISS RD511 DB rimms and Conti's 4-seasons 28mm. Saddle: Gilbert Berthoud Aspin. Not the lightest bike (total weight 22kg) but rock solid and the knowledge that The Netherlands are mainly flat :-). Since this is my first ultra-race the aim is to finish rather than to win. Bikepacking bags all Apidura.

Your key items of kit: I am planning to sleep in B&Bs but I have a bivvy with me (Alpkit Hunka XL, S2S sleeping bag and Thermarest mattress). Spare set summer kit clothing, Gore rain jacket & rainlegs, Sealskinz socks (yes, I expect some rain :-)) and some light sneakers for off the bike.

Ad Mulders

Age: 53

Location: Beneden-Leeuwen, The Netherlands

Cap number: 90

Your bike: BMC Teammachine SLR01 with Rotor 2inpowerQ-rings/SRAM Red, FFWD Wheels and Continental Grand Prix 4 seasons 25 mm tyres and Profile Design Sonic/Ergo 50a Aerobar.

Your key items of kit: Hammerhead Karoo bike computer, Iphone 8, Gopro 6, Headlights: Sigma Karma Evo pro and Lezyne Micro Drive Pro 800XL (backup), Backlights (2); Cateye OMNI3 TL-LD135R and a Tailfin Alloy Arch + Alloy Top Stay and 2 little cockpit and frame bags to transport all my things. No bivvy-, or sleeping bag because I plan to sleep in hotels/B&B’s.

Ernst Huijboom

Age: 42

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Cap number: 136

Your bike: My bike is an aluminium Sensa Modena. Padded double wrapped bar tape and a Selle Italia Trans-am saddle are the long distance features. A former RatN finisher recommended my new rims to me so I guess I can´t go wrong with those.

Your key items of kit: I plan to sleep in hotels and I have some minimal sleeping gear with me for emergencies or power naps. For navigation I will use an old school Garmin Dakota 20 because I am used to it and it works on AA batteries.

Oliver Wong

Age: 53

Location: UK

Cap number: 146

Your bike: I ride what I brung: Reilly Gradient with faithfull old Shimano 105 groupset, stock Hunt gravel wheels set up tubeless with Schwalbe Speed Ones. Brooks Cambium saddle

Your key items of kit: Alpkit and Topeak bags. Bivy bag and liner but planning to hotel it. Full kit change. USB Knog lights. Element Bolt and phone back up.

Kurt Billiouw

Age: 50

Location: Bruges, Belgium

Cap number: 42

Your bike: Kona Libre Carbon

Your key items of kit: Frontbag : Ortlieb + Handbag Ortlieb, Framebag: Apidura, Saddlebag: Ortlieb Forkbag

Marianne Thissen-Smits

Age: 53

Location: Egmond aan den Hoef, The Netherlands

Cap number: 49

Your bike: I’ll be riding a 2019 Specialized Ruby with several upgrades: A Son hub dynamo connecting to front and rear lights, a rotor crankset with power meter, Avalon 25 wheels with 30mm Challenge Strada Bianchi tyres. It also has Ritchey flared handlebars and with aerobars mounted on risers to make the journey a little more comfortable!

Your key items of kit: I’ll be navigating with a Wahoo Roam and I’ll take a Wahoo Elemnt for back-up. I will most definitely be using my Castelli shake dry rain jacket. I'll take two pairs of shorts: Assos and my favourite Rapha core short with extra pockets. Due to the weather conditions forecasted, I have decided to only take an emergency bivvy and to stay at Vrienden op de Fiets accommodation or hotels. All overnight gear and extra clothing will be packed in my Apidura Expedition saddle pack. Rainjacket, leg & armwarmers, tools are in Apidura Frame bag. Food and water are stored in two Backcountry food pouches and cables & power bank in my Revelate Mag-Tank.

Bobko Marian

Age: 54

Location: Neratovice, Czech Republic

Cap number: 61

Your bike: Custom design, homemade, Osymetric 38R - Sturmey-Archer CS-RK3 - Sunrace CS-M969 9 speed. Two 20" wheels and one 26" wheel.

Your key items of kit: I’ll take sleeping bag. Mavigation phone Oukitel WP5 apk bikecomputer pro, Garmin Sensor for speed and cadence. It doesn’t matter how long a journey you go, my arms and bottom don’t hurt!

Ruerd Kuipers

Age: 67

Location: Annen, Drenthe, The Netherlands

Cap number: 126

Your bike: A 2007 Corsoli with triple Shimano Tiagra and 25 mm tires (Schwalbe Durano)

Your key items of kit: My longest ride was PBP 2007. The RATN is my first self-supported race. I hope to sleep in hotels and B&B. For navigation I use a Garmin 1030

Bas Vlaskamp

Age: 28

Location: Olst, The Netherlands

Cap number: 1

Your bike: Giant Propel Advanced, Rotor Uno groupset (converted to 1x9), Light Bicycle wheels , GP 5000 28mm tires, latex innertubes, custom Detour framebag, Ortlieb saddlebag.

Your key items of kit: The whole bike set-up and my clothing are with aero in mind to save time and energy. I carry little extra clothing and minimal spares. But I do carry a lot of energy bars, energy gels and carbohydrate powder to optimise and maximise carb intake and reduce stopping time for the first 24 hours of the ride.

Francien Peterse

Age: 40

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Cap number: 10

Your bike: This is a 2019 Trek Domane SL 6 Disc Women's with plenty of gears, two wheels, and reflective tape. Its name is Karel.

Your key items of kit: food, water, motivation and nice weather (I hate headwinds!).

Jair Hoogland

Age: 36

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Cap number: 103

Your bike: I’m riding my 2015 Canyon Endurace CF 8.0 with a Shimano 105 groupset (50/34T, 11-28T). Not my most shiny Canyon but the one I sit most comfortable on. I've got fulcrum racing wheels with continental 5000 tires. Nothing special it's all tarmac. Handlebars up front with wahoo and lights in between.

Your key items of kit: Attached four bags to the bike: 1) Zefal toptube bag 2) Ortieb midloader 3) Ortlieb Saddle Bag 4) Revelate Mountain feedbag. No bivvy with me as I plan to sleep in hotels.

Rainer Dobrinkat

Age: 58

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

Cap number: 70

Your bike: Kinesis GTD, Shimano 105, SON Delux Dynamo, Appcon3000 to charge my phone and my Lyzene Mega XL GPS. Frontlight SON Edelux 2 and taillight Supernova E3. Syntace C3 aerobars.

Your key items of kit: I use my proven clothing from Rene Rosa and Maisch Sportswear. Apidura bags. Ultra light bivy from MLD and Melkfett, for the most important part of my body!

Yaish Koelewijn

Age: 30

Location: Gorinchem, The Netherlands

Cap number: 130

Your bike: Steel Salsa Vaya frame with carbon fork. Shimano Ultegra groupset with an SLX brake caliper in the rear. Wheelset consists of WTB KOM though rims with DT SWISS 350 hub in the rear and SP hub in the front for lightning and charging the electronics in combination with an Sinewave Beacon. A nice topcap and bar end plugs to keep me smiling!

Your key items of kit: Chain Lube and a cloth, chamois cream, my Spotify subscription and Revelate Designs foodbag for snacks on the way.

Dieter Schietse

Age: 29

Location: Ghent, Belgium

Cap number: 36

Your bike: Jaegher Interceptor Flymaster Disc with Stealth carbon wheels, Shimano Ultegra 50-34 with 11-28 cassette. Profile Design T3+ Aerobars.

Your key items of kit: I’m taking a down jacket and a bivvy just in case I need some sleep and I can’t find a hotel.

  • I’m riding for the first time in a merino shirt to minimize the smell for the people around me when I’m in a shop or restaurant :-)
  • Front hub dynamo for the night riding (not in the picture)
  • Smartphone and old school iPod with a loooot of cycling podcasts and music.
  • Restrap Cannister bag (1.5l) to carry some stuff like my rain jacket, repair tools, alco gel and some space for extra food on the road.
  • My Restrap Carry Everything Frame Bag with 2 litre waterpack and some food will allow me to continue riding for longer periods.
  • A Race Saddle Bag (7l) with some extra clothes

Bernd Rosing

Age: 30

Location: Germany

Cap number:

Your bike: Canyon Ultimate CF SL Disc 8.0 Di2 Aero.

Your key items of kit: Specialized Burra Burra Framepack & Seatpack. Gore C7 Shakedry Rainjacket.

Ivan Soenario

Age: 48

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Cap number: 131

Your bike: Burls Bikes Titanium Randonneur/Allroad with Shimano Ultegra Di2. The bike has heaps of tire clearance (might bring mud guards). 32mm Conti GP 5000 TL. I had 28mm before but I like these even better. 46/34 chainrings, 14-28 cassette. I might have a Son 28 dynamo hub with B+M lights, I hope it's ready before the bike check.

Your key items of kit: On top of my list is a custom made full frame bag by Tim Tas+Rek, with all pockets easily accessible while riding. It's loaded up with a 2L water bladder and infinite energy bars. I still need to adapt to not having water bottles, though. The 11L Ortlieb seat pack is a bit oversized since I'm staying in hotels only, but it’s waterproof and reliable. My Castelli Shakedry jacket will see me through the first wet days and cold evenings and mornings.

Paul Ziermann

Age: 33

Location: Aachen, Germany

Cap number: 143

Your bike: I'm riding a used frame from KLEIN with a wonderful effect paint attached with a Shimano Ultegra groupset. New and especially for the race are grand prix 4 season tires from Conti. And always attached for the long distances a bar to lay down.

Your key items of kit: Most of my stuff is in the seat pack from Ortlieb. The camelbag for water is in the frame bag. There is also an extra large pouch to carry enough food during the ride. The rest is kept minimalistic, a bivy bag, a small sleeping bag and a tarp, in case I can't find a real bed. I will be wearing my favorite tricots from cycology clothing.

Klaus Svendsen

Age: 50

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Cap number: 148

Your bike: Excited to my first ride over 135k and I will give it a try on my blue Open UP gravel bike. Custom build with electronic gear, 1x11 and Black Inc garniture and wheels. Tires are Panaracer Gravelking 32 tubeless.

Your key items of kit: Little experience with bikepacking so i will likely bring far too much. Apidua backs and full sleeping gear including a tent in the frot bag. However, I plan to mix with outside and hotels.

Jeroen van der Wiel

Age: 35

Location: Hilversum, The Netherlands

Cap number: 104

Your bike: Cube Agree C:62 Pro. Customized Dura Ace Di2.

Your key items of kit: Apidura frame bag and saddlebag, Topeak top frame bag. Packed as light as possible :) My goal is to finish this race. I will be riding between 10 and 12 hours a day and enjoy some relaxing nights in hotels.

Ties Alfrink

Age: 36

Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Cap number: 120

Your bike: I’m riding a Cannondale Topstone 2019 with a SRAM Force 1x groupset. I’ll be rolling on a Duke wheelset custom build by Parallel Handbuilt with some super comfy tubeless 700c x 42 tires and a SON Delux dynamo front hub. Electronics and lights are powered by kLite.

Your key items of kit: Saddle, frame and top tube bags are by Revelate. The handlebar bag is made by local designer Susan Bijl. The CrankTank holds more than enough water to keep me rolling without stopping to much in search of water. I will be sleeping in a bivvy or hotel depending on the weather.

Casier Ruben

Age: 44

Location: Ostend, Belgium

Cap number: 46

Your bike: I’ll be riding my 2018 Open U.P. with an SRAM Force 1x groupset. My 700c wheelset is handmade by SWS Wheels and are an absolute dream to ride with. A Son-dynamo power the Supernova front and rearlight and the Plug. Bags are all Apidura.

Your key items of kit: Two special things on the bike are my well worn in saddle by Berthout (a man’s got to sit, right? ) and the lauf bottle opener (a man’s got to hydrate, right?). I’ll be taking only spare clothes, rain gear, bath stuff, electronics stuff, because I ‘ll need a decent bed everynight!

Richard Frans

Age: 52

Location: Noordscheschut, The Netherlands

Cap number: 16

Your bike: 2019 Giant TCR advanced pro 2 disc with original components (Shimano 105 groupset). Just changed the front wheel, which has a SON hub dynamo now and also another saddle, a Brooks Cambium.

Your key items of kit: Wearing the same clothes as I’ve been wearing this whole season, a 7mesh bibshort and a Bontrager shirt and I take a light shimano rain jacket with me. A travelpak 1 sleeping bag, no bivvy. For navigation I use a Hammerhead Karoo, it never let me down the past 2 years and I’m confident it will guide me through also this time,so no back-up GPS. For power supply I will use the SON dynamo and a Anker powerbank. I hope everything will fit into my apidura bags.

Emmanuel Kempeneers

Age: 31

Location: Liège, Belgium

Cap number: 34

Your bike: It’s a custom-made steel frame bike from Cycles Rouge Gorge with a Columbus carbon fork. It has a 2x11 Shimano Ultegra groupset with hydraulic disc brakes, 32mm GP5000 tyres mounted on Mavic Open Pro rims, a C15 Brooks all weather saddle and Ritchey WCS parts (seat post, handlebar, stem, …). The bike is equipped with a dynamo light + a Lezyne 1300XXL mounted on my Profile Design A35 aerobars.

Your key items of kit: I’ll be wearing a Gorewear kit since it’s the one I mostly use for long distances riding. My bags all come from Apidura, I find them reliable and I recently purchased their packable musette that I’ll fill with food and beverages. Hopefully it’ll give me no excuse to keep pedalling. I plan on bivvying, even though the weather doesn’t look so appealing, this solution allows me to sleep more or less wherever I want.

Eelke Bakker

Age: 34

Location: Culemborg, The Netherlands

Cap number: 88

Your bike: I’m riding my trusted Focus Paralane 2018, equipped with Shimano 105 2x11, BBB Aero Bars, Continental GP5000 tyres and of course a KMC gold chain.

Your key items of kit: This is my very first ultra (little scared and excited at the same time) and decided to try to complete it on a budget. We’ll see how it all works. First of all, everything is stuffed in BBB bikepacking bags. In the front bag my sleeping system: Alpkit Soloist tent, sleeping bag and Therm-a-rest sleeping pad. Toptube and downtube bags are for food and electronics + some emergency clothing. Saddle pack is all about clothing: 2nd bib, down jacket and other pieces of (night) clothing. I’m wearing my favorite La Passione bibs and shirts, Endura pro SL rain jacket and BBB helmet + glasses. I’ll navigate through my Lezyne Mega XL unit (bringing my old Super GPS as emergency). Lights are all by BBB.

Laurens Wolting

Age: 36

Location: Zwolle, The Netherlands

Cap number: 135

Your bike: Riding the Giant TCR 2013. In the front 34-50 with a 11-32 cassette. It has 28 mm tyres for that little bit of extra comfort. Using the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, Cateye Volt 400 and 800 with back-up batteries

Your key items of kit: Packed with Apidura Expedition Handlebar and frame pack With accessory pocket for fast acces. On the top tube an extra Pet-bottle cage holder for that little bit of extra water. In the rear the Arkel Randonneur rack combined with the Tailrider bag. Honorable mention is the Vaude Moab Rain overall's because some contestants can't stop talking about it. Because of the weather forecasts I have dropped the plan of Byviing, Bring a sleeping bag for backup, mostly i would stay in Hotels. It will be my first race, so excited, but also healthy amount of nervousness.

Meint Verhoeff

Age: 46

Location: Lemmer, The Netherlands

Cap number: 117

Your bike: I'm riding my Kinesis R1 with a SRAM Apex 1 groupset. During my preparations the setup has proved itself to support my rides in the Wind (Netherlands), in the Hills (Belgium, Ardennes) and in the Mountains (Austria, Tyrol), the latter we do not have during the RATN. The wheels are fitted with 28mm continentals tyres.

Your key items of kit: Garmin edge 830 to keep me on the predescribed track. Carrying some food, battery pack, charging cables and bike repair stuff in the tube and frame bag and clothing in the saddle and steering bag. Don't carry bivvy or tent as my strategy is to have sleeping time in hotels or B&B's.

Johnny Uitterhoeve

Age: 37

Location: Arendskerke, The Netherlands

Cap number: 109

Your bike: My monster is a Cube Cross Race SLT with a Newmen Advanced SL carbon wheelset. 32mm Continental Grand Prix 5000 tyres and a Shimano Ultegra Di2 groupset.

Your key items of kit: I'll try to sleep in my Nordisk Lofoten tent on a Sea To Summit UltraLight Mat. Hopefully the NOMAD Pegasus 340 keeps me warm at night. My head lays down on a simple but very useful inflatable pillow from Forclaz (tip!). I've different types of bags for clothes and stuff. An Ortlieb Handlebar Pack on the front, a Koala Exo-Rail System underneath my saddle and a AGU frame bag. My old fasion Garmin Edge 605 helps me find my way, battery last forever :) Eat everything that cross my path, so be careful!