Top 10 ultra-endurance films

Top 10 ultra-endurance films

19 March, 2020

2020 has begun with mixed emotions: we saw a cracker of a race back in February but since then, we've been cast into a world of the unknown. To help you along, we've put together a list of our favourite films, in no particular order of course.

Inspired To Ride

The original bikepacking film by Mike Dion that focused on Mike Hall's TABR race and also featured world-class rider Juliana Buhring.


A short 20 minute documentary about the inaugural Transpyrenees race last year. It's humorous, full of great characters and will make you want to sign up for the next edition later this year (hopefully!).

Onboard the Transcontinental Race

The latest addition to the archive of ultra-endurance films is Onboard the Transcontinental from French production house AHStudio Filmmakers. It is subtitled in a number of different languages and features riders from the last four editions of the race.

I Just Want To Ride

After all the commotion associated with this film last year, this highly anticipated release from Rugile Kaladyte commissioned by Pearl Izumi is a must-watch. It covers Lael's 2019 Tour Divide race as she attempted to become the first female outright winner.

The Colorado Trail Race - A Self Powered Adventure

Featuring race founder Stefan Griebel, filmmaker and editor Aaron Johnson follows riders (including 2014 winner and course record holder Neil Beltchenko) through the 2018 edition of the race complete with incredible drone photography as well as self-shot, in-race footage.

The Frozen Road

Ben Page self-shot his film in the Canadian Arctic and captures the harsh climate in which he rode his fat bike. While it's not a race, we think this film is a great story of self-sufficiency in truly testing conditions.

The Length of Time

Another film from the 2019 Tour Divide that focuses on renowned ultra-rider Josh Ibbett and his dreams of winning the race. Not all goes to plan but the film does a great job of capturing the battles that go through riders' minds in their pursuit of glory.

GBDURO 2019 - EF Gone Racing

A tale about a professional WorldTour cyclist taking on one of the most gruelling challenges of his career: an off-road stage race from Land's End to John O'Groats.

Blood Road

Rebecca Rusch is one of the best ultra-endurance mountain bikers in the world. This film covers her emotional quest to find the exact site of her father's plane when it crashed during the Vietnam War. It's a rollercoaster of a journey through grief and exploration.

Day & Night

The TransAtlantic Way race forces riders to hug the west coast of Ireland in a bid to reach Kinsale first. This short film follows two bike messengers as they take on the task of weaving down the mandatory route.

Bonus film: Ride The Divide

Another from Mike Dion and arguably the original and classic bikepacking film that began the craze.

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Photo credit: Breakaway Media