Andrew Phillips UK

Andrew Phillips

Cycling and touring since I can remember, but only started racing in 2019. Founder of both and always riding Zolla wheels!

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  • RaceDateOverall PositionCapClassCategoryResultBikeFinish Time
    Transcontinental Race2022 / 07970SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED10d 21h 54m
    Race Through Poland2022 / 05887SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED3d 23h 52m
    Two Volcano Sprint2021 / 10112SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED2d 17h 4m
    Two Volcano Sprint2020 / 10821SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED2d 16h 5m
    Three Peaks Bike Race2020 / 079SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED5d 6h 4m
    Two Volcano Sprint2019 / 11210SOLOMENFINISHEDTRADITIONAL_GEARED2d 17h 50m