Jack Peterson

Slow and fun having a blast doing it web site with tales of all races:

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  • RaceDatePositionCapClassCategoryResultBikeFinish Time
    TransIbérica2019 / 091711SoloMenFinished Over Time LimitTraditional Geared22d 17h 31m
    Pan Celtic Race (Full)2019 / 06151SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared8d 23h 42m
    All Points North2019 / 052236SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared3d 0h 4m
    Trans Am Bike Race2017 / 0617SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared23d 0h 50m
    TransAtlantic Way2016 / 062SoloMenFinishedTraditional Geared7d 8h 10m
    Transcontinental Race2015 / 0736SoloMenScratchedTraditional Geared