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Lands End, UK
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Saturday, August 1, 2020 8:00 AM

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    Day 9





    By now we suspect Jason has finished. His tracker hasn't updated for almost 3 hours and his dot is on the map only 40km from the finish line, so unless he's taking an indulgent victory lap, we can safely assume Jason has taken 2nd place, coming in around 28hrs after Josh, and at a far more sociable hour. The assembled media crew and hardcore fans at the finish line will be thankful. We'll give you a full update when we get confirmation.



    Paul is still looking good for 3rd place, although he's experiencing similar tracker issues as Jason. Interpid Dot Watcher Rob Brown managed to hunt Paul down as he came through Fairburn, just north of Inverness, yesterday evening.



    Gail has been hot on Paul's heels as ever and was also tracked down by our Scottish Correspondent. As always she's looking impossibly fresh, she might be the first GBDURO rider ever to actually look better in her finish line photo than at the start line!



    Adam is approaching the dreaded Corrieyairack Pass, so either by luck or by judgement he'll be doing it in the daylight in beautiful weather. We're looking forward to the selfie from the summit ;-)



    James' biggest concern could be his tyres, which are reportedly alarmingly bald. With a lot of punishing off road to come, and without the option to buy new tyres, this could be a huge factor in James finishing or not. He put in his 2nd biggest day yesterday, tipping the scales at 200km to distance himself from the Lanterne Rouge spot.



    Anisa is our new Lanterne Rouge, following Sharon and Chris' exit yesterday. She responded to James' big day by racking up her 4th highest mileage with 150km.

    Sharon and Chris have scratched

    gbduro-wed05-08582 Photo: Dan King, Breakaway Digital

    We're very sad to report that Sharon and Chris have had to scratch. Sharon has been struggling with health issues which have finally made it impossible to carry on.

    Chris sent us this message:

    "We made it to Appleby but can go no further, watching Sharon suffer like this is not right. We've had an incredible experience on this ride and have loved and hated the route in equal measure. We met with Ed yesterday and had a good chat about it! Seriously though its spectacular, some of those wild places it took us to were stunning, and it now feels strange returning to civilisation. Thank you all for your amazing support, and good luck to those still riding, and well done Josh.

    We'll defo be back next year, with lighter bikes and better gears 😀"

    gbduro-wed05-08565 Photo: Dan King, Breakaway Digital

    Sharon and Chris put in an incredible ride, battling against constant adversity. Their resolve and attitude have summed up the spirit of the race perfectly and there will be thousands of dotwatchers across the land wondering what to do with themselves now!

    Day 8

    With our GBDURO20 champion crowned, let's take a look at where the rest of the field is up to.

    Jason spotted


    Jason has finally been spotted hiding amongst the undergrowth. Rob Brown's mum apparently tracked the rider down, finally giving the world a glimpse of the famous saddle repair.

    Jason summitted the Corrieyairack Pass yesterday afternoon, a gruelling 760m off road climb and equally demanding rocky descent, which can be very exposed to foul weather. But riders this year won't have the haven of Fort Augustus as a prize on the other side. The Irish rider pushed through until 11pm, finally collapsing in some comfortable undergrowth, just off the route.

    Gail vs Paul

    Gail trailed Paul throughout yesterday, unable to eat into his lead. The two riders went around Loch Rannoch and over to Loch Ossian in the evening, possibly enjoying a similar sunset ride that was an unforgettable highlight of my GBDURO last year.

    As we go to press, Gail is negotiating the Corrieyairack Pass - feared in cycling and spelling communities in equal measure.

    Anisa & James

    ...sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-...no, sorry. The two inseparable riders actually had quite a bit of distance between them yesterday, which spoils the fun somewhat. After a 16 hour day of racing, this morning James has a 40km lead.


    James Illman

    James has overcome a tough couple of days where his dymano broke, leaving all electronics dangerously low on power and his food rations were getting perilously low, amongst other issues! Spirits seem a lot higher now though:

    "Room with a view 😍🏕 Last of the good weather today so praying I get enough charge to get me to the finish. No more food rationing too whoop! 650km to go. 5 days of food left. Tons of gas. Very few bandages. 2 spokes gone. Bald rear tyre. Achey legs. Big smiles!"



    James Shoes

    It was a tough day for Mr Colvin, with the complete disintegration of his shoe hampering progress. Great to see some military ingenuity on display as he used the ultra racer's trusty ally, the cable tie, to patch up his footwear.

    This setback doesn't seem to have dampened his spirits however, as we've been treated to a barrage of smiling selfies tracking Adam's progress through Scotland.

    WhatsApp Image 2020-08-08 at 21.46.02

    Lanternes Rouges


    Sharon and Chris made prgress through the Yorkshire Dales yesterday, battling recurring illness for 11 hours of pedaling to inch 80km closer to the Scotish Border. The pair stopped for an early night, hoping a 13 hour rest will help them get in a bigger day today.

    WhatsApp Image 2020-08-09 at 10.38.15

    "Morning! We took a long nights break to try and recover. Not feeling well at all... trying to roll forward as best as can and of course, it goes without saying... still smiling! Made it to Cumbria anyway 😎"


    Josh Ibbett wins GBDURO20!


    Screenshot 2020-08-09 at 07.16.53

    Josh rolled up to the iconic John o' Groats sign at around 2am on Sunday 9th August to win the second edition of GBDURO, and the first self-sufficient version of the race.

    After a signature measured and consistent ride, conserving sleep and stalking race leader Angus over the first few days, Josh's consistency paid off, allowing him to take the lead when Angus scratched. Once he was in no.1 spot and with the end in sight, Josh let off the shackles for the final leg, not sleeping since Thursday night for a monster 500km dash to the finish line.

    In true GBDURO style, the heroic winner who has flayed himself at the mercy of the elements for over a week in a superhuman display of endurance, arrived at the finish line in the dark, on his own, with no crowd, fanfare or medal.

    Stay tuned for more post-win analysis once Josh has had a sleep.

    Josh has 100km to go!

    Screenshot 2020-08-08 at 19.21.51

    Josh is smashing through the final section of GBDURO. He now has just 100km left and all the gnarliest climbing is well behind him.


    At this rate we think he'll finish in the very wee hours of tomorrow morning, so it could be a late night for Josh's legions of dot-watching fans. Will the adrenaline of nearing the finish line give Josh the extra boost to finish today, or will the cumulative fatigue and back to back all nighters start to tell their toll?


    My memory of the final segment was trying to nurse my shredded and delicate tyres across sharp rocky sections, with a bike that was systematically falling apart - just hoping it would all make it to the finish line intact. All our riders will come into the final stretch in different states with their own problems and preoccupations accumulated over thousands of kilometres of punishing racing but realistically when you've made it this far, you know it's in the bag and you can enjoy the flat and fast final kilometres to the sea at the finish.

    Day 7

    Screenshot 2020-08-08 at 08.02.56

    Josh nearly there

    At the front of the pack, with the smell of salty sea air and battered Mars bars wafting into his nostrils from the finish line, Josh put in his biggest day of the race so far, clocking up 23h 20mins moving time, riding through the night to set up a grandstand finish. At the time of writing (8am) he has around 250km left, making a finish today possible but tough. Will he ride through to the finish now or will he take advantage of a comfortable gap to Jason in 2nd and have another sleep?

    Jason has been maintaining radio silence and no one seems to have seen him so it's difficult to report with much accuracy. He started yesterday between Glasgow and Edinburgh, and put in a solid 250km day. His tracker has been reliably unreliable throughout so it's anyone's guess if he slept last night or indeed where he is!

    Gail and Paul

    Gail spent yesterday traversing the Pennines and Kielder Forest Park to enter Scotland just after lunch time, chasing Paul who was a comfortable distance ahead all day. Gail managed to claw back some of that defecit this morning with an early start to catch her rival napping, so hopefully she can build on that today to make the battle for 3rd an enthralling watch.

    Great Dun Fell


    Anisa and James battled it out for another day of close racing as they picked their way through the Yorkshire Dales and into the Pennines. They arrived at Great Dun Fell last night and decided to take different approaches: Anisa found a spot to eat and sleep before taking on the climb in the morning, wheras James got the climb out of the way last night. Having dispatched the road climb, James set up camp on the 'dark side of the fell' almost exactly where Gail had been 24hrs earlier - was it a tactical plan, or did he simply lose hope and collapse next to his bike until the morning?

    Out of Wales

    Sharon and Chris have been making great progress, having put gastric and mechanical issues behind them for now. The pair managed to escape the steep slopes of Wales yesterday morning, enjoying a flat section into Manchester, before climbing recommenced. Their main issue now seems to be the sheer volume of dotwatchers coming out to cheer them on!



    Toddler Doping


    Cutest dotwatcher award has to go to Stuart Randle's daughter Lily, who decided Anisa needed flowers and a cuddle and was distraught to be told the cuddle wasn't allowed. While this seems harsh, the 'psychological doping' effect of a cuddle from a toddler is equivalent to a healthy dose of EPO - a totally unfair advantage.

    Selfie Sufficiency

    Screenshot 2020-08-08 at 06.36.48

    It wouldn't be a race update without an entertaining and informative snap from Adam - here he shows us where water can be sourced in the wild through the medium of the selfie. Adam's unshakably positive demeanour makes it easy to forget the serious effort and determination that's on display here. @steph3nsmith captured these stunning shots of Adam tackling Great Dun Fell. Adam crossed into Scotland yesterday, meaning he's in the final country!

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