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Ready to Roll

With just a few days now until the start of the Italy Divide, competing riders have decided on their final setups, and are eager to share them before the journey to the start line. For many, a lot of time and thought will have gone into every last detail, and it is almost time to see how their decisions work out.

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Italy Divide: Race Preview

The 2019 edition of Italy Divide begins in Naples on Thursday 25th April. The route takes riders along fast rolling gravel roads as well as technical mountain bike trails and with them, the beginning of the 2019 ultra-endurance bikepacking season.


The Route

Contrary to last year’s route, there are now 200 extra kilometres tagged on to the start. Riders will clip-in for their adventure from Naples and meander around Rome, Siena, Florence, Bologna, Mantova and Verona.

According to the website, it is 98% rideable (1% less than last year) and encourages riders to think about their bike setup ahead of the race due to its 85:15 off-road:road ratio. Unlike other unsupported bike races, there are no checkpoints and riders will have to carry everything they'll need throughout the 1150km trip to Torbole on their bikes.

The Riders

The 2019 racing season is starting the way it means to go on: previous winner and course record setter Josh Ibbett is lining up again but this time among some fierce competition. Two-time Transcontinental Race winner James Hayden is gunning for the top step in his debut in the off-road racing scene while Jenny Tough is sure to be at the pointy end too.

Ones to watch:

  • Josh Ibbett
  • James Hayden
  • Jay Petervary
  • Jenny Tough
  • Levente Bagoly

We'll be sharing all the latest information as we receive it and standby for live coverage beginning on Thursday 25th April.


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