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Banff, AB, Canada
Start Date:
Friday, June 14, 2019 2:00 PM
2745 miles

Tour Divide - Finishers’ Gallery

Tour Divide 2019 finishers' gallery:

1st, Chris Seistrup 15:11:22

GS CS 02 (Pic George Harris)

PB CS 02 (Pic Pete Basinger)


2nd, Nate Ginzton: 15:20:47.

AC Nate Ginzton maybe (pic Alex Cohen)

Nate Ginzton by Matt Hoven (pic Matt Hoven)


3rd, Peter Sandholt:16:02:27

George Harris PS (pic George Harris)

Peter H by MH (pic Matt Hoven)


4th Steve Halligan:16:03:27

Jeff S SH 01 (pic Jeff Sharp)


5th Tony Lesueur: 16:08:24

TL 02
(pic Tony Lesuer)


6th Josh Ibbett: 16:15:53

. 06 Josh Ibbett .

7th, Stefano Roumaldi: 16:17:03

SR by Matt Hoven (pic Matt Hoven)

. .

8th, Kai Edel: 16:17:58 KE KE (pic Kai Edel)


9th equal Lucas Ratliff :16:19:44

Lucas Ratliff by KS (pic Kathy Schoendoerfer)


9th equal Bear Stillwagon.:16:19:44

Bear Stillwagon XX (pic Gina Evans) .

11th Kim Raeymaekers in 17:05:47

Jk Kim (pic Josh Kato)


12th Peter Kraft : 17:11:29

Day 4 Ovando Peter Kraft (pic Kathy Schoendoefer)


13th David Langley : 18:02:09

KS DL (pic Kathy Schoendoefer)


14th Beau Troesch 18:03:16

JK Beau Troesch (pic Josh Kato)


15th and 1st Single Speed Ryan Simon: 18:03:38

Ryan Simon Greg Goodman (pic Greg Goodman)


16th, 1st Woman and 1st Female Single Speed Alexandera Houchin : 18:20:26 (New Women's Single Speed Record)

LG Alex 02 (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)

LG Alex o5 (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)

!Alex by Tomas (pic Tomas Jonsson)

. .

17th, Robert Goldie:18:22:48

Robert Goldie (pic Simone Bailey)


18th, Les Brown: 19:00:53

Les Brown JS (pic Jeff Sharp)


19th, Nate Stillwagon: 19:09:10

JB Nate 01 (pic Janet Blessington)


20th, Scott Robinson:19:22:18

JB Soctt Robinson (pic Janet Blessington)


21st equal, Zoe Chauderlot: 20:14:07

ZC JB better (pic Janet Blessington)


21st equal, Nic Brown 20:14:07

21 Nick Brown by Janet Blessington (pic Janet_Blessington)


23rd, Dave Barter 20:15:52

Janet B Dave B (Pic Janet Blessington)


24th equal, Geof Blance: 20:22:15

BW GB (pic Brenda Wiard)


24th equal, Davy Patterson: 20:22:15

BW Davy P (pic Brenda Wiard)


26th: Josh Uhl: 21:07:05

JB JU (pic Janet Blessington)


27th: Paul Kruger:21:07:54

JGR Paul Kruger 01 (Pic Jacqueline Guthrie Rice)


28th: Todd Day: 21:15:48

JB todd day 02 (pic Janet Blessington)

29th, Craig Newton: 21:20:25

CN Craig (pic and caption Craig Newton)


30th, David Bourke: 21:20:43


(pic Brenda Wiard)


31st Nick Skarajew: 21:22:57

Nic Skarajew better


32nd (and 5th single speed), Rich Caramadre: 22:01:57

RC Rich (pic and caption Rich Caramadre)



33rd, Steven Moatt:22:04:45


(pic Steve Moatt)


34th, Curtis Fincher: 22:12:02

Day 5 Kurtis Fincher

(pic Kathy Schoendoerfer)


35th (equal?), Jeff Sapp: 22:13:29

Jeff Sapp

(pic Jeff Sapp)


36th (or 35th equal), Tim Roberts: 22:13:37

Tim BW (pic Brenda Wiard) .

37th (equal?), Daniel Nickel: 22:14:02

Daniel Nickel BW (pic Brenda Wiard)


38th or 37th equal, David de Sotomayer: 22:14:07

David de S BW (pic Brenda Wiard)


39th, Jackson Lester: 22:23:03

Robert JL (Pic Robin NeJame)


40th, Jimmy Bisese

JB Jimmy (pic Janet Blessington)

. .

41st equal and Third Woman, Del Gorton: 24:09:50

JB 01 (pic Janet Blessington)


41st equal Nigel Williamson 24:09:50

JB 02 (pic Janet Blessington) .

43rd Glen Mactavish 24:13:08

JB Gavin (caption and pic Janet Blessington)


44th and Fourth Woman Brandi Blade : 24:22:29.

BB BB 03 (pic Brandi Blade)


45th Steve Brigham; 25:04:52.

LG 03 Steve Brigham SS (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)


46th Ross Burrage 25:06:10

RB RB (pic Ross Burrage)


LG 06 RB (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)


47th Nathan Franklin :25:09:40.

Nathan Franklin (pic Joe Pavlik)


48th Aaron Ehlers Aaron's time was 25:11:39 and he took 48th place.

. Aaron Ehler AE


49th Craig Schwyn midnight in 25:15:49.

JB Craig Schwyn


50th, Bob Stone : 25:21:26. Bob Stone Josh Kato (Pic Josh Kato)


51st Austin Turner 27:01:22 Day 5 Austin Turner (pic Kathy Schroendoerfer)


52nd, Jesse Tannahill 27:01:38

JB JT (pic Janet Blessington)


53rd, Marty Johnson 27:12:31

LG 11 marty Johnson (pic Linda Guerrette Photography) . .

Marty J LG 03 (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)


54th, Eric Morton: 27:15:48

JB Eric Morton

(Pic and caption Janet Blessington)


55th, Gary Johnson: 27:22:36

Gary Johnson John Girmsey (pic John Girmsey Jr)

. .

56th equal, Bonnie Gagnon 27:23:16 56th equal, Grant Larvick 27:23:16

JH BG GL (pic Janie Hayes)

. .

58th equal, Joeseph Rafferty: 27:23:16

JR KS (pic Kathy Schoendorfer)

59th, Hal Russell : 28:01:46

Hal LG (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)

Hal LG 02 (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)

. . .

60th, Adam Kiem: 28:02:00

Ak L Russell (pic Linda Welker Russell)

. .

61st, Jason Barrett: 28:04:17

JB Jason

(Pic and caption Janet Blessington)


62nd, Max Bloomfield:28:23:25

Max Bloomfield Kirsten Henriksen

(pic Kirsten Henricksen)

63rd, Mikki Suvia: 29:08:06

Mikki MS (pic Mikki Suvia)

. .

64th, Joey King: 29:09:07

Joey King Joey King

. .

65th, Bill Claridge: 30:11:03

Bill Claridge BC (pic Bill Claridge)

66th Rob Peters:31:06:41

No image available.

67th equal Simon Maindonald : 31:08:23

JB SM (pic and caption Janet Blessington)

. .

67th equal, Michael De Jong : 31:08:23

JB XX (pic and caption Janet Blessington)

. .


1st, Daniel Thrush : 24:04:22

DT DT (pic Bethaney Rentz)

DT KS (pic Kathy Schoendoerfer)

2nd, Maxwell Southam 24:13:13

MS Bethany Rentz (pic Bethaney Rentz)

MS KS02 (pic Kathy Schoendoerfer)

Tour Divide Day 32

Day 32:

The hardy duo of Simon Maindonald and Michael De Jong rode most of the route together, and had been playing a daily game of catchup with Rob Peters since Wamsutter. They were riding slightly slower speeds than Rob but covering about the same daily mileage. It was no different on their final day, with Simon and Michael leaving Silver City first, and Rob departing about 45 mins later but passing them before Separ. They all rode into the mid-day heat to complete their journeys on Day 32 to take the last three podium spots as Tour Divide Racers.

Their times were:

Rob Peters: 31:06:41 for 66th place

Simon Maindonald: 31:08:23 for 67th equal

Michael De Jong: 31:08:23 for 67th equal


Michael De Jong "So epic all around. From spending the first 9 days with Devin, to getting a leg full of stitches, biking through rain, snow and boulder fields, 2700 miles, 31 days"


. . .

Some numbers for 2019 Tour Divide:


145 SOBO Starters intending to race at the Grand Depart (Highest was 162 in 2017)


68 Finishers (highest was 79 in great weather year of 2015)


47% success rate.

(lowest was 38% in '09 and '16) (highest was 67% in '11 when there were substantial detours due to snow)

. .

20 Finishers under 20 Days: (highest is 27 in 2015)

. .

10 Finishers under 17 Days: (highest previously was 6 in '16)

. . .

Eddie Clark posted a great race recap with beautiful photos:


Eddie also published some closeups of 7 top bikes:


Josh Taylor who rode with a fractured hip wrote up his blog:


Still out riding the TD route are the following committed adventurers. It some ways it is much harder to be out there for more than 32 days than those who finish in 16, but all have experienced something wonderful and will have stories to share:

Bryson and Sam, who are at north of Beaverhead Work Camp.

Kevin Klobernadz who is at Pie Town.

Sue and John O'Malley who are at Pie Town

Sam Garre who is close to Abiquiu

Phil Rice who is close to Abiquiu

Nat Rainbow who is south of CO/NM border heading to Brazos Ridge.

NR with BB BB (pic Brandi Blade)

That's the final race report, but still to come is a Gallery of Tour Divide Finishers with images of all the finishers that we could put together.

Tour Divide Day 31

Day 31:

On the penultimate day of coverage two riders reached Antelope Wells Bill Claridge reached Antelope Wells in 30:11:03. Jim Raddatz finished his ride but after missing Brooks Lake Rd and Gold Dust Trail did not ride the complete route so no placing in the GC.

Sue and John O'Malley are in Grants, still a few days out from a finish:


Ryan le Garrec talks with Josh Ibbett about how he prepared for his rookie TD attempt: https://ryanlegarrec.exposure.co/the-witching-hours

John Schilling is putting out his dailey race recaps on his blog here: https://schillingsworth.blogspot.com/2019/06/divide-prelude.html

Steve Halligan posted up some of the gear he used: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzrSIwTALN7/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet

Tour Divide Day 30

Day 30:

The sign outside of Hachita on the final stretch to Antelope Wells. For many it is a mix of excitment that they have nearly completed their race and tinged with sadness that their adventure is drawing to a close. MS 65 miles (pic Mikki Suvia)

Max Bloomfield executed a perfect finishing day, managing to get a 4 hour stop at Hachita for a final sleep/nap before hitting the last 65 miles to the border in the pre-dawn light to finish at the cusp of day 29 in 28:23:25.

Mikki Suvia took a 12 hour stop at Silver City, before starting at 04:00 to finish the TD on his second attempt in 29:08:06.

From Mikki: *TDR 2019... In the Bag !!!

Wow, what a ride, LITERALLY... I don’t know yet where to begin, but suffice it to say, there’s so much running through my brain that I need to to process, I’ll get it sorted out and put it all together at some point.

In the mean time, here are some scenes from “The Border” !!! 🤙😎

MS 01 MS 03 MS 02

Joey King set out from Silver City only 2.5 hours behind Mikki and was closing the gap to eventually finish only an hour behind in 29:09:07 to come in 64th.

Sue and John O'Malley are still riding and are now currently at Cuba. They posted this shot of Sue with Sylvia of Sylvia's Snack Shack before Vallecitos.


Josh Ibbett has edited some of his GoPro footage for Part 1 of his TD journey ...


Tour Divide Day 29

Day 29:

This pic of Josh Ibbett from Hunt Wheels & Ryan le Garrec captures how it feels to be closing it out on the pavement to Mexico:


Riding through the night to close out Day 28 was a loose group of experienced veteran riders. Perhaps the two riders a few hours in front of this pack, Adam Kiem and Jason Barret weren't aware, but these racers were going for a 24 hour+ push to finish. Adam left Silver City around 13:30, and Jason by 15:30 for the 127 mile run to the border. The usual time without sleep for racers at this point is 10 - 12 hours. Behind them there was a loose chase pack forming consisting of some expereince ultra racers - Bonnie Gagnon on her third run and second finish was riding with her husband Grant Larvick on his second attempt, Gary Johnson (former NM Governer and US Presidential Candidate) - going down the route for a third time; and Joseph Rafferty, the youngster of the bunch at 33 on his second attempt. They headed out between 17:30 and 18:00 and after some leapfrogging, seemed to form a night train at Separ. Behind this group Hal Russell was riding solo to the border. At 70 years old Hal is on his 6th and final Tour Divide finish. He's chasing his friend Rick Ashton's over 70 record of 30:07:07 which he is going to smash.

Not far ahead of the quartet, Jason and Adam had both decided to stop to sleep close to Separ, and the chasing group passed them while they slept, pushing on into the night. Hal Russell also passed the sleeping pair a few hours later. Joseph took an hours rest around 03:30 and the others pushed through sleeplessly to try reach Mexico before the clock ticked over into Day 29.

The quartet all reached Antelope Wells before the clocked ticked over into Day 29 putting in a big final day of over 24 hours. Gary Johnson finishing strong and solo with a time of 27:22:36, and Bonnie, Grant and Joseph came in together it seems in 27:23:16

Joseph Rafferty and Gary Johnson: Joe R and Gary J (pic Abby Rafferty)

Joseph Rafferty: Joe Rafferty (pic Abby Rafferty)

Bonnie Gagnon: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz130U1FVPa/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet

Next to finish, in 59th place on his 6th and final finish, was the legend Hal Russell. He hit the border with the sun up in a time of 28:01:46, setting a new over 70 record. Massive respect to Hal, he truely embodies the original bikepack ultra racing ethos of putting in the long hard days at your max, sleeping where you drop and getting to the finish. So many journeys down the spine of America and breaking the over 70 record by 2 days is such an awesome way to close it out. Chapeau.

HR LWR (pic Linda Welker Russell)

HR LR (pic Linda Welker Russell)

HR GJ LR (pic Linda Welker Russell)

From Josh Kato, former winner and record holder of the Tour Divide:

This guy. Congratulations! Finish #6. Hal Russell. The absolute best

Can’t think of what else to say about this man other than what I’ve said before, Hal embodies the Tour Divide Spirit more than any other I’ve ever met. A champion of the sport, a champion of life. Hal Russell. There are very few people in this world who I respect and admire as much as this man. Ride on Hal.

From Linda Guerrette:

*Hal Russell you are the man!

Congratulation on your 6th completion of the Tour Divide. You've said this is your final tour and maybe the best one so why not finish it with a record, fastest 70+ time in history by 2 days. ROCKSTAR, HERO, LEGEND are words that fall sort of describing you. but they are conversation starts. Thanks for enriching all of our lives. Chapeau young man!

Keep that smile alive.

Hal LG (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)

Hal LG 02 (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)

Soon after Adam Kiem arrived at the border in 28:02:00 followed a couple of hours later by Jason Barrett in 28:04:17

Adam Kiem: Ak L Russell (pic Linda Welker Russell)

Tour Divide Day 28

Day 28:

The race for the next home was close for the next two on the route. Jesse Tannahill started 18 miles back from Austin Turner who camped close to Beaverhead, 200 miles from the end. Coming out of the Gila, he was 3:20 back, but by the time they left Silver City he had closed the gap to 2:45, and as they got into Separ Rd it was down to 1:30. After Austin took a pre-dawn break at Hachita, Jesse was only 22 mins back and a 65 mile Time Trial to Mexico was on. With a super effort Austin Turner was able to get it done holding off the fast finishing chaser and finished with a time of 27:01:22, having ridden the 200 miles from Beaverhead to the border in about 24 hours. He was 52nd to Antelope Wells and is another rider from Stillwater OK, home of Bobby Wintle's Land Run 100, to finish the TD.

Austin Turner Day 5 Austin Turner (pic Kathy Schroendoerfer)

Jesse Tannahill put in a super fast closing day and was so close to catching Austin, finishing just 16 minutes back in 27:01:38 after a solid days chase. Awesome to see such an all night effort after 27 days on the road.

JB JT (pic and caption Janet Blessington)

Marty Johnson was next in. An experienced multi-race TD veteran, who has tried both SOBO and NOBO, Marty already has a 28:13:54 SOBO finish from 2015, and a 29:07:33 finish from 2017. This year, at 64, Marty has set a new PB of 27:12:31.


_ LG 12 Marty Johnson (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)


LG 11 marty Johnson (pic Linda Guerrette Photography)


Eric Morton had been following Marty's still warm tyre tracks for 1,800 miles since Lima, and came up to the border on his Santa Cruz Blur just a few hours back in 27:15:48

JB Eric Morton

(Pic and caption Janet Blessington)

There's currently 7 riders who look to be heading for a Day 28 finish - with Hal Russell riding through the night and will be looking to see if he can close it out before 08:00 on Day 28. At 70, Hal is going to finish his sixth TD in his second fastest time and smash the over 70 record by about 2 days.

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