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Naples, Italy
Start Date:
Sunday, October 18, 2020 4:30 AM
Last year’s winner:
Ulrich Bartholmös

Updates from the finish

Cristian Auriemma crosses the line to finish fourth at the Two Volcano Sprint 2020, taking 59 hrs 54 mins.

Following Cristian, Kim Raeymaekers crossed the like an hour later to finish fifth (60 hrs 55 mins) with Lukas Neubeck finishing only two minutes after, coming sixth (60 hrs 57 mins).


Fanny Bensussan

Fanny Bensussan is currently the 2nd solo woman on the course. She is currently waiting for the next ferry to Messina - can she chase down Ana?

dc3ca0c9-97ab-45c4-ab42-b24ec92a78f1 📷 Celeste Jones - Fanny Bensussan waiting for the ferry to Sicily

Meanwhile Cristian Auriemma is nearly at the top of the Etna climb and looks like he will be able to descend down to Nicolosi to take 4th - updates to follow.

Ana Orenz in Sicily

Ana Orenz, currently the first solo woman has just landed in Sicily. Saddle sores left her cycling out of the saddle for 10 hours over the last day.

However, she has 58 km and the ferry between hereself and the second solo women, Fanny Bensussan.

PHOTO-2020-10-20-12-49-44 2 PHOTO-2020-10-20-12-49-46 3 📷 Charlotte Gamus - Ana Orenz boarding the ferry to Messina.

PHOTO-2020-10-20-12-49-44 📷 Charlotte Gamus - Ana Orenz descending.

PHOTO-2020-10-20-14-06-46 📷 Celeste Jones - Fanny Bensussan descending down from the mountains to Scilla

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