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TransAtlantic Way (Long) 2020 results

2020 was the first year the TransAtlantic Way saw a female winner; Rachel Nolan. A race whose field was defined by the restrictions of a two week quarantine, the TransAtlantic Way went ahead with a majority Irish field.

  • Male: 91%

    Female: 9%

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    RankRiderClass/CategoryResultNationalityBikeFinish TimeNotes
    1Rachel NolanSoloWFinishedIRELANDTraditional/Geared05d:22h:45m
    2Peter McColganSoloMFinishedIRELANDTraditional/GearedLost Tracker
    3Donnacha CassidySoloMFinishedIRELANDTraditional/Geared06d:05h:16m
    4Mikee LonerganSoloMFinishedIRELANDTraditional/Geared07d:01h:14m
    5Oscar ShorttSoloMFinishedIRELANDTraditional/Geared07d:07h:20m
    6Seamus O’LearySoloMFinishedIRELANDTraditional/Geared07d:13h:54m
    7Gerald HerraduraSoloMFinishedIRELANDTraditional/Geared
    Jason BlackSoloMScratchedIRELANDTraditional/Geared
    Ben DelaneySoloMScratchedIRELANDTraditional/Geared
    Benny CassidySoloMScratchedIRELANDTraditional/Geared
    Anthony DaySoloMScratchedUKTraditional/Geared

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