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Yesterday saw a flurry of riders make the finish line in Sidi Rabat. Off the back of his win, Sofiane uploaded the final instalment of his journey to Strava which reveals he burnt over 7000 calories on that stretch alone!

Screenshot 2020-02-20 at 10.16.46


Jenny Tough looks to be holding her own, though we have no info of how she's feeling. Expect her to be rolling through CP3 in a few hours' time and on to the finish late tomorrow. Andrea Seiermann is just 60km behind her.

In the pairs category, the Italian duo of Federico and Andrea are chugging along nicely having just ticked over the 1000km marker. Behind them, to the tune of only 20km, is the British team of Scott and Mitchell.

Party Train!

The few scratched riders have gathered together to ride to the finish line together in time for the party on Saturday. It's been a great display of camaraderie throughout the race and sometimes things don't go to plan. The best thing you can do afterwards is make it into an adventure like these riders have done and it's all in the name of making new friends.


p.s. this is the same Chris Herbert who spent a full 12 hours with food poisoning days earlier so it's great to see he's back to his usual antics.

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