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It’s downhill from here (kind of)

The gap between Sofiane and James has stayed fairly consistent all day at around 60km. Some back-of-the-envelope maths has an ETA at the finish of around 2am. Looks like I'll need to set an alarm...😴


Sofiane is in good spirits and if you haven't checked his latest Instagram Stories, you're in for a treat. Every day throughout the race he's been posting a video of himself singing a different Lionel Richie song - what a multi-talented athlete he is!

On a serious note, James got a little more sleep than Sofiane last night and given they're ~4hrs apart, James could have the legs to chase him down.

Meanwhile, the leaderboard has turned out to be a bit like Noah's Ark with riders coming in two-by-two! A race for 3rd place continues from yesterday with Klaus and Jay having a little do-si-do on the trail. They're within 4km of each other! Carlos and Adrien are racing for 5th and they're around 6km apart. Joeri and Manu are hanging in for 7th and a little further back again, Jonathan Rankin and Neil Henderson battle for 9th.

Reader, I think we're going to see a few sprint finishes tomorrow!

Women's field


Jenny Tough has extended her lead to almost 75km up from 30km yesterday. Quinda appears to have slowed for some reason (we're not sure why) and it looks like she'll join Jackie and Andrea in the race for podium places.

Andrea Seiermann AMR2020

Andrea Mehteh ended up needing to find a local cobbler to fix her very sad excuse for a shoe but he did a fine job as it turned out!

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