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James admits defeat...or does he?


We asked on Instagram and Twitter whether you thought James might catch Sofiane and it looks like you're not a very optimistic bunch. Shortly after we posted the polls, James took to Instagram to concede defeat saying he's proud of second place.

I can't help but think he might be calling Sofiane's bluff but in any case second place is more than admirable.

Based on the fact Sofiane has covered 1054km in 84 hours, it could still be another 7 hours (ETA: 04:30 local time) until victory is his. However with adrenaline running through his veins, no major climbs to overcome and the promise of a warm meal and comfortable bed, I think we're looking closer to 5 hours from now.

Jenny is through CP2

So far, Jenny Tough is the only solo woman through CP2. Second placed woman, Andrea Seiermann is around 40km away. Jackie and Quinda are within a few kilometres of her. Riders have until 21:00 local time tomorrow (19th Feb) to get there.

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