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Sofiane wins AMR2020


On next to no sleep for the entire race, Sofiane Sehili becomes the first winner of the Atlas Mountain Race.

Congratulations, Sofiane!

James Hayden claims 2nd place

It was a great showdown between two riders at the top of their game and who we've seen fight for a 1-2 before. Sofiane may have won this battle, but I dare say the war continues and I for one am looking forward to their next showdown.

Jay Petervary rounds out the podium

Sneaking past Klaus while he got some rest, Jay made his move to claim his podium position. At the time of writing, Jay is still 50km from the finish but Klaus is 50km behind him, so I think it's safe to say Jay will get bronze.

Day 4 elsewhere


Gutted to hear The Lechugas had to scratch! It's a race between Italy, the UK and Poland for pairs podium places with just 10km separating first and second placed pairs and a further 20km for the third placed Polish pairing.

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