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Total Racers: 117

Scratched: 9% ( 10 )

Finished: 68% ( 80 )


  • 1stLachlan Morton (Winner)
  • 2ndHayden Mccormick
  • 3rdÓscar Pujol
  • 4thAshley Dennis
  • 5thBruno Ferraro
  • 6thJosé Ángel Díaz
  • 7thHippy
  • 8thPaulo Ferreira
  • 9thManuel Villalobos
  • 10thRaúl Peralta


  • 1stDavid Rovira (Winner)
  • 2ndRicard Calmet
  • 3rdCarlos Conesa
  • 4thMiguel Ángel García
  • 5thJason Paul
  • 6thMauricio Aguilar
  • 7thIñaki García
  • 8thJosé Cabello
  • 9thRalph Birke
  • 10thTim Kremer

Fact file

Granada, Spain
Start Date:
Sunday, September 6, 2020 7:00 AM
Lachlan Morton

All riders have finished!

On Day 7, every rider that was still on the course finished. A huge congratulations to all the riders who finished the race, from Lachlan who flew round to Santi Barril and Rosa Manosa who were the last people across the line. The course was an absolute brute and finishing it is a huge achievement.

Congratulations also go the the guys at TransIberica who organised the event and created the route under the difficult circumstances we have at the moment.

I will leave you with a few more race reports are trickling in on social media.

Into the Night - Day 6 Recap

Heading into the night on Day 6, we have 10 riders still out on course. Everyone has passed through CP4 and are either heading up the Veleta Pass or for the finish.

In the course of today, we saw the second and third female finishers to round out the Womens podium. Yollanda Mallogon and Gao Yishuang finished second and third respectively, and in the end it came down to just 19 minutes seperating them. A very closely fought race after a 128hrs of racing!

Congratulations to all the riders who finished today! You certainly have earnt yourself a good rest.

There a few ride reports coming in across social media, and as there is so much to digest after a race like this, we most certainly see more.

Ashley Dennis

Manuel Villalobosos

Therese Sundstrom

Sonio Colomo

Into the Night - Day 5 Recap

Day 5 saw more riders making it to the finish line and completing the beast of a course that Badlands is.

Sonia Colomo finished as the first female, and has stories to tell from the race. A broke mech, rain and the cold where all things she overcame.

We now have 29 solo riders finished and 5 pairs. There are reports trickling in on social media of all the challenges that people encountered and it would seem that everyone had their fair share of ups and downs.

Whilst it was Lachlan's ride that drew the headlines, the riders who have are still out there battling deserve the same respect. With more time comes more stories, and I would argue that those still riding are putting in equally as impressive rides.

Congratulations to all the riders who finished today. More should finish overnight. The pair of Raul Raül Racero and Enric Burgstaller look like they have had their fair share of challenges.

Sonia Colomo finishes Badlands 2020

Around 3 hours ago, Sonia Colomo became the first woman to finish. She took a total time of 90hr 13minutes, giving her a finishing position of 19th.

During her ride, she battle with broken equipment, rain in the Cabo de Gato and crossed the Veleta Pass at night, with tempertures at around 0 Degrees. Congratulations Sonia for an amazing ride!

Into the Night - Day 4 Recap

Out in Southern Spain, riders continue to do battle with high altitude, varying tempertures and gravel. Most riders have passed through CP3 by this point and are heading back east along the coast or through the Sierra Nevada.

Early this morning Hayden McCormick came in for 2nd place, followed by Oscar Pujol who had put in a good ride during the night to finish in just over 66hrs. This gave us a top 3 of Lachlan Morton, Hayden McCormick and Oscar Pujol.

Day 4 also saw the top 10 be finialised. This has been one of the most interesting aspects of the race with riders changing positions constantly and a few hopefuls having to unfortunately scratch. Jose Angel Diaz held on to his position from this morning and finished in 6th. The closely fought battle between Hippy, Raul Peralta, Paulo Ferreira and Manuel Villabosos finished with Hippy getting the better of the other riders and finishing just under 2 hrs in front of Paulo. Manuel and Raul must have had as close to a sprint finish as you can get in utlra racing, finishing with 5 minutes of one another. Congratulations to all these riders.

Both Bruno and Hippy seem happy with their rides.

In the womans race, Sonia Colomo continues to lead the way, and should finish sometime this evening/early morning. Yolanda Magallón is the next woman one the road and still has some distance to go, but is nonethless riding well. Yishuang Gao is the third woman on the road and is currently 50km behind Yolanda.

Here are a few thoughts from Therese Sundstrom, who was riding well in the womans until she had to unfortunately scratch.

Third place in the pairs race should go to Mauricio Aguilar and Jason Paul who are just over 20km out from the finish.

Looking forward to this evening and tomorrow, we should see more finishers, including the first woman. Make sure who keep an eye on the dots and keep cheering them on as they finish!

Update: The organisers have confirmed that Lachlan's official time is 43hrs 30minutes. The reason for this being differnt from the elapsed time on strava is that some of the kilometers at the start and the finish were neutralised.

After all sorts of confusion about Lachlan Morton's official time, he has just posted the ride to strava. You can view it here.

The race tracker is different to the device he used to produce this file so there will be some differences. The race tracker only pings a signal every 5 minutes, which means that often shorter stops don't register, hence the differences.

It therefore turns out that Lachlan is slighlty more human that we first thought and it looks as if he stopped for around 2 to 3 hrs in total.

Lachlan's Strava File
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