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Sleeping During a Bikepacking Race

Sleeping on an ultra-distance race is often a mystery to the uninitiated. Images of sleeping in bus stops and behind bushes pass through the mind as you think of someone grabbing 40 winks at the TCR. So here we answer the question how to sleep during a bikepacking race.

Dec 17th 2022

2021 DotWatcher Awards

Welcome to the 2021 DotWatcher Awards! This year we are honouring some inspirational and dedicated riders who have made an impact on the 2021 race season.

Dec 9th 2021

Five Minutes With... Markus Stitz

Markus Stitz is a staple of the ultra-distance scene in the UK. Not only a racer, Markus is a photographer and documentary filmmaker as well as the author of Great British Gravel Rides.

Nov 11th 2022

Two Peas in a Pod: More Pairs Racing

After the insights we gained from round one of our pairs racing feature we took a deeper dive into some more pairs from around the world.

Feb 10th 2022

Winter Layering Q&A With Graeme Raeburn

In conditions that can reach -40C/-40F exposure is a real risk on the Iditarod Trail Invitational. To give us an idea of how to prepare for such climates Graeme Raeburn, Albion’s lead product designer is here to answer some questions.

Mar 7th 2022

Five Minutes With... RJ Sauer

RJ Sauer is an adventurer at heart, documenting his intrepid explorations with words, pictures and films you may know him from a variety of different places. We spoke to him about his adventures, family and the upcoming Iditarod Trail Invitational.

Feb 17th 2022

5 Minutes With... Tegan Phillips

Tegan Phillips is an adventure cyclist from South Africa, focussing on uplifiting and empowering women in cycling. You may have also seen her entertaining yet provocative comics.

Feb 4th 2022

Winter Watching: Ultra-Distance Films

The racing may be on hold for the snowy season, but we wouldn't want you to miss out on your ultra-distance fix. We've compiled a list of films to keep you entertained, binge them or create your own ultra-advent(ure) calendar!

Dec 15th 2021

Five Minutes With... Alice Lemkes

Alice Lemkes is a familiar name around the ultra-distance community in the UK. This year she took on the challenge of GBDURO and became one of the few finishers, hitting John O'Groats in 7th place. We talked racing mentality, her current projects and wild swimming tips.

Dec 24th 2021

Demystifying the Tracker!

Have you signed up for a race where you need your own tracker and have no clue where to start? Here’s a handy how-to guide for sourcing, registering and racing with your tracker.

Oct 20th 2022

What is a bikepacking race?

Despite DotWatcher being the home of self supported, ultra-distance cycling, it is often a question we get asked to which we don’t have a cut and dried answer. What counts as self-supported ultracycling?

Nov 18th 2022

2022 DotWatcher Awards

To celebrate a second-to-none year, we're proud to present the eight recipients of the 2022 DotWatcher Awards. These standout individuals celebrate ultra-cycling in their own unique way, creating a picture of this incredible community as a whole.

Dec 31st 2022

Five Minutes With The Ultra Distance Scholarship

The Ultra Distance Scholarship started in 2021 and has supported six riders in tackling the Pan Celtic Race and GBDURO. The initiative elevates riders of colour/BAME riders throughout the UK to get to the startline of an ultra-cycling race.

Oct 12th 2022

Five Minutes With... Emma Bateup

Emma Bateup was a relatively unknown entity in the ultra-distance world until she jumped onto all our radars by winning the women's Tour Te Waipounamu this year. We spent 5 minutes with her to find out more about this phenomenal rider.

May 17th 2022

Five Minutes With... Mark Beaumont

Mark Beaumont is a staple in the endurance cycling world. His impressive around the world in 80 days attempt gave the world an idea of what endurance was but last year he entered the world of ultra-racing at GBDURO21.

Aug 15th 2022

Five Minutes With... Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson may not be a name you're familiar with in the ultracycling world, however, you'll see him on the start line for this year's edition of Basajaun.

Jul 28th 2022

Five Minutes With... India Landy

India Landy is no stranger to ultra-distance, blasting onto the scene in 2019. This March, with a week's notice, she headed out to Rwanda for the 1000km Race Around Rwanda.

Apr 1st 2022

Two Peas in a Pod: A Look at Pairs Racing

A unique feature of ultra-distance racing is the ability to compete as a pair. It seems to be the marmite of the ultra-world, either love it or hate it, it's here to stay. We spoke to some standout duos to learn more about the motivation behind this style of racing.

Jan 6th 2022

Winter Watching 2022 - Bikepacking and Endurance Cycling Films

The nights are getting longer and we've got the perfect antidote to the winter blues. Our collective of 2022 ultra-films should be the perfect way to reflect on the year.

Dec 8th 2022

Winter Watching 2023

Once again, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite films from bikepacking races this year to keep those in the Northern Hemisphere entertained as we settle in for some short days and long evenings.

Dec 16th 2023

Planning an FKT Attempt

In this guide, we'll delve into the practicalities of preparing for your FKT journey using the Ride With GPS platform. It’s everything you need to know, from the initial scrutinising of trails to heading out on your attempt day.

Jan 7th 2024

DotWatcher Dozen 2024

The DotWatcher Dozen, a 2024 race season preview including 7 established classics and 6 inaugural races with exciting new formats. Making it a baker's dozen, the thirteenth race we highlight is one that has been on hiatus, but this year we see it return to the racing calendar.

Jan 13th 2024

2023 DotWatcher Awards

Our annual awards nominated by you, the bikepacking race community, to celebrate the finest achievements of 2023 in the sport. Read the feature to learn who received this year’s awards for their endeavours on and off the bike.

Dec 31st 2023

DotWatcher 2023 Roundup

A roundup of some of the most exciting races in 2023, with a spread of events across the globe. Take a look at what went down at some of the biggest races of the year.

Dec 9th 2023

Why Commentate for DotWatcher?

DotWatcher is a community driven window into the ultra-distance world. With more races on the calendar than ever, we want to make sure you have the opportunity to join the ranks of our expert DotWatchers.

Feb 18th 2023

Bikes of Dales Divide 2023

This year, DotWatcher headed to the Dales Divide to meet the riders in person and learn more about what it takes to ride across the width of Northern England, twice, off-road.

Apr 21st 2023

Five Minutes With... Stefan Barth

Learn more from the author of "Ultracycling and Bikepacking - All You Need to Know" in our latest 5 Minutes With Stefan Barth. The sports scientist incorporates science and interviews with elite athletes to uncover the mysteries of endurance cycling.

Mar 4th 2023

DotWatcher Dozen

The DotWatcher Dozen, a 2023 race season preview including 6 established classics and 6 inaugural races with exciting new formats.

Feb 11th 2023

How To Choose Your First Bikepacking Race

Here at DotWatcher, we often start in the middle. The part of the journey where our athletes are already enrolled in the race and have made the decision to tackle their chosen event. We tend to miss the step that got them there.

Mar 11th 2023

What is a Parcours

Parcours directly translates to course, with the plural meaning journey or route in French. When spelt with a K (Parkour) it is a sport where athletes attempt to move from point A to B, in the most direct line overcoming obstacles. So what does this have to do with ultra-cycling?

May 19th 2023

What is an FKT?

The highly sought after FKT, what does it mean and why is it important? What's the difference between a race win and an FKT?

Oct 28th 2023

Race Reports

Dales Divide 2024

This 600km route traverses the UK from the west coast to the east, and back taking in two of the UK's National Parks: The Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors, twice. Unsurprisingly, the April weather in the North of England can easily help define this race.

Dec 1st 2023

Colorado Trail Race 2022

An original of the world of bikepacking, the Colorado Trail Race is a low-key mountain bike race through the Colorado Rockies. Notorious for its tough terrain and elevation, the CTR is not for the faint of heart.

Feb 28th 2022

Colorado Trail Race 2023

An original of the world of bikepacking, the Colorado Trail Race is a mountain bike race through the Colorado Rockies. Notorious for its tough terrain and altitude, the CTR is not for the faint of heart.

Mar 9th 2023

Bentang Jawa 2023

Once again, we return to the tropical Jawa Islands to follow the Indonesian Audax scene in their crown event, Bentang Jawa. Without the 2x reigning champion returning, it'll be an exciting race with a new winner crowned.

Aug 11th 2023

TransIbérica 2023

A free-route race starting in Málaga, Spain for the first time, and finishing in the race's home of the Atlantic coastal city of Bilbao. Riders are required to tick off the 10 checkpoints and parcours across the Iberian Peninsula, including the now visually synonymous windmills of Alcazar.

Mar 9th 2023

Basajaun 2023

Basajaun passes through some of the Basque Country's undiscovered paths and its vastly diverse surrounds. With the greenery and lush landscapes of Urbasa and the Irati Forest before the starkly contrasting arid lands of the Bardenas Reales semi-desert and Sierra de la Demands. Mandatory rest periods are new for 2023.

Feb 20th 2023

DEAD ENDS & cake 2023

A free-route adventure with five checkpoints, each at the end of a dead-end path, to explore the most beautiful, remote places of eastern Switzerland. One for the sweet tooths amongst us and a penchant for doing things a little differently.

Feb 1st 2023

Iditarod Trail Invitational 2022

This Alaskan winter adventure on bicycle, foot or skis is revered as one of the hardest ultra-marathons in the world and demands flawless preparation and resilience.

Feb 24th 2022

Arizona Trail Race 2022

A stalwart of the MTB bikepacking calendar including a traverse of the Grand Canyon, the Arizona regularly attracts some of the strongest off-road racers and has remained true to its original low-key self-supported ethos.

Sep 6th 2022

Dales Divide 2023

This 600km route traverses the UK from the west coast to the east, and back taking in two of the UK's National Parks: The Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors. Unsurprisingly, the April weather in the North of England can easily help define this race.

Jan 12th 2023

Fat Viking 2023

With three distances on offer, this fat-biking snow race gives riders the chance to tackle the elements. Suitable for experienced cold weather cyclists, this adventure is the best way to kick off the season.

Jan 12th 2023

Iditarod Trail Invitational 2023

The race of many disciplines with a foot race, bike race and ski race. We'll focus on the bike races, both the 350 mile and the 1000 mile versions as our riders cross the Alaskan wilderness on their fat bikes.

Jan 10th 2023

Tour Aotearoa 2023

Tour Aotearoa, New Zealand's 3000km bikepacking odyssey. A long race, but a scenic one following a combination of tracks, trails, paths and lanes on many of NZ's Great and Heartland Rides.

Jan 10th 2023

Indian Pacific Wheel Race 2023

A race the width of Australia: from Perth to Sydney, riders take on this Aussie classic emulating the journey of the Overlanders of the 19th century.

Jan 12th 2023

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